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Default Virtual access point?

Hi, I'm wanting to be able to use my xperia as a virtual access point and have tried a program called CMInternetSharing (Wi-Fi Router) with no success.
Is it possible to get that working with the xperia or is there any similar software?

It's for 2 things mainly:

1. setting up ad hoc connection between PSPs.
2. going online with laptop.

Thanks in advance for any help,

Cheers, Stonemonkey.
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I've just tried WMWifiRouter and wasn't expeccting this:

When I browse with internet explorer/opera on the xperia it's dead slow at downloading web pages but browsing with my laptop connected wirelessly to xperia it's faster than my home (virgin) broadband.

Why is browsing on the xperia so slow?

For some reason the PSP doesn't see the network
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I'm not so sure if I'll need it for the PSP now. But still it's gonna be handy for the laptop.

Is it possible to set up a wep key for the WMWifiRouter access point? I've been trying in the settings but the network only ever shows up as unsecured computer-to-computer network but won't connect properly when I set a wep key.
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Just some thoughts:

The speed difference between your connections; How fast is your home broadband?

Does the PSP support secure WLAN? Does it support the encryption you enable? If I'm not mistaken, there are 64bit and 128bit WEP-encryption. (Personally, I prefer WPA2 or WPA.)
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