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Default Xperia X1 PC sync

Does anyone have any info about the PC Sync for Xperia X1? Would it be safe to refer to Windows Mobile Activesync or would SE have put in additional capabilities?

In particular, my office uses Lotus Notes and it would be good to know whether Xperia X1 supports syncing with Lotus Notes.
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I can't say for sure, but I'm pretty sure its just going to be good old active sync that takes care of PC syncing. I don't think HTC supplies any customized software for their phones either.

Might wanna take a look at mnotes ( Its a subscription based service and is pretty steep IMO, but I've heard some good things. Supposedly it even allows you to use sametime on your winmo device!
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Yeah, the specs say active sync there may well be 3rd party apps that can do it though
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