Xperia Q and A part 2

Sam and Magnus released this information earlier today:

  • X1a / X1i differences: The X1a will be sold in the US, Latin America and Australia it differs from the X1i in its network configuration and the video support (it is 24 fps instead of 30). Contrary to some rumors, both versions have a front facing camera.
  • Keyboard layouts: A few people picked up on the fact that the X1 product site features two different keyboard layouts – this is due to regional differences. England uses Qwerty – EN, France uses Azerty, Germany uses Qwertz etc…
  • Screen Orientation: there is no button officially assigned to change the screen orientation but it is possible to assign one of the soft keys to do this is you want to.
  • SAR value: Venus max SAR value (of use case of UMTS+ BT turned on) is 1.47w/kg.
  • US release date: This will be announced by Sony Ericsson US on Nov 3rd.

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