XPERIA X1 Panel to Control the Saab 9-X Air


It seems like Sony Ericsson and Saab is teaming up to add wireless mobile access to control seats, doors, rear compartment, and lighting on the upcoming Saab 9-X Air. According to the press release:

Some of the car features will be remotely controlled by the Sony Ericsson Xperia™ X1, providing a premium mobile user experience through its unique customisable touchscreen panels:

  • Control ambient lightning
  • Control front and rear seat settings
  • Lock the car
  • Open the rear compartment
  • Switch on and off the lights (blinkers, main lights…)

This is great news! I believe this is an excellent example of the XPERIA X1’s Panels at work as it provides a customized view for specific applications, in this case controlling the Saab 9-X Air.