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There’s been a long time ago some news were posted here, and I guess it’s time for an update - The X1 is not dead yet!

We start of with

February 12, 2009 - New Point UI Xperia panel – beta available for free now
Seems like a good panel: “I only installed it this morning but I’ve already been won over.”

February 16, 2009 - 4 new panels announced today at MWC
*On the road

February 24, 2009 - New version of Panels SDK available with open GL ES support
“The new beta includes Open GL ES support and allows you to access the internal hardware graphics acceleration on the X1.”

March 11, 2009 - Evernote panel now live
Here’s a video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i_ncr1Ee9e8&fmt=18

March 26, 2009 - SPB Traveller and Weather panels available to download now
“The new weather and traveller panels are both produced by SPB software, the same company which produced the free SPB shell.”

March 27, 2009 - Xperia Certification Program
“It is designed to set highest standard for your applications and allows you to use the “Certified for Xperia X1″ logo in your marketing materials.”

April 22, 2009 - How to use your Xperia X1 – a little guide to Windows Mobile
1. Tweaks For Optimised Performance
2. How to Speed Up Your Memory Card
3. Increasing Your Touchscreen’s Responsiveness
4. Changing the Font Size of Java Applications (JBed)
5. Making the Pop-Up Menus More Finger-Friendly

X1 HTML Panel Creator!

Check this out!!! You can create your own panels over at mysonyericssonblog.com - online!
Click this link to go to the page and have some fun =)

Introducing the inxperia.com XPERIA Software Download Section


Ok folks, time to add a new feature to the site. As more and more members are getting their hands on the XPERIA X1, the usual question among the first time and veteran Windows Mobile users is, where to get XPERIA software or apps that are optimized to the XPERIA’s 800×480 (WVGA) screen.

The new XPERIA Software Section here at inxperia.com aims to do just that. The only way it will become useful however is for you, the members, point to apps, panels, themes, that you find interesting, useful, and can’t live without. You are free to add new apps, panels, and themes to the list as long as it somehow links back to the developer’s website or the app’s homepage so we always get the latest updates and more importantly, help support the developers. Let’s help build the XPERIA ecosystem! =D

Click on the Apps link above now to go to the Software Download section.

XPERIA Panels Developer Competition Coming


We’ve seen the enhanced Sony Ericsson Panels page. We’ve heard about the update to the XPERIA Windows Mobile 6.1 SDK. We’ve heard about Spb creating a Panel version of their app. Put them all together and it seems like the recent XPERIA news has been all about Panels and developers.

Well, more good news to developers. You might want to start sharpening your Panels development skills since rumor has it that come November 14, Sony Ericsson is launching a Panels developer competition. According to David Cushman:

Now Sony-Ericsson’s X1 is entering the fray with a competition for individual developers - and it’s one that’ll showcase your work and land the winner an X1 of their own (worth a fare chunk of cash in itself). If you’re one such, here’s an early heads-up. The site hosting the competition doesn’t go live until November 14. But take it from me, it’s coming (I know, because the company I work for is building it right now!).

This is actually great news for everyone. While developers slug it out to create the best Panels, consumers will have more Panels to choose from.

Spb Chosen to Create UI Panel for the XPERIA X1


Sony Ericsson has chosen Spb to create an XPERIA Panel version of their popular Spb Mobile Shell app.

Spb Mobile Shell improves the user interface of standard Windows Mobile apps displaying multiple information on one customizable screen such as missed calls, unread messages, weather, calendar, date and time, and contacts. The XPERIA Panel version is expected to make use of the XPERIA X1’s 3D acceleration as well as present new opportunities for the developer community.

Here’s the best news — expect it to be a free download when it is launched.

Watch Spb Mobile Shell in action and view all the portrait and landscape sample screenshots after the jump.

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Sony Ericsson Updates XPERIA SDK to v1.0.4


Good news to developers. Sony Ericsson just announced an update to their Windows Mobile 6.1 SDK (now v1.0.4). It now adds development compatibility to Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 and to Microsoft Vista.

The Sony Ericsson Beta SDK for Windows Mobile 6.1 includes:

  • Xperia X1 Emulator
    Including key mapping support; run, test, and debug your Xperia Panels locally on your PC using the Xperia X1 Device Emulator
  • API Reference
    API reference documentation related to the specifics of developing Xperia Panels
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Templates
    Use predefined Xperia Native and Web (HTML) Panel templates to create the basic project containers and a preliminary set of items for your Xperia Panels
  • Tutorials
    Tutorials give you a “hands-on” introduction to the SDK and the tools you use to build applications on it
  • Developers’ Guidelines
    The Getting Started documentation includes overviews, system requirements, set-up information, and walkthroughs that help you learn about the Sony Ericsson Beta SDK for Windows Mobile 6.1
  • Sample Code
    The Sony Ericsson Beta SDK for Windows Mobile 6.1 ships with several sample projects to help you start your own development projects

Download the SDK now.

[Thanks boomdijk!]