Xperia, the 2008 Reviews

The guys at Xperiancers listed what they call “all the Xperia reviews posted in 2008″.
Here is the list of reviews:































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Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1a Unboxing

As promised, here are the rest of the XPERIA X1a pics. Enjoy the unboxing.

The reviews keep coming…. but are they good?

Gizmodo is one of the latest sites to try the X1 out.

Here is a bit of their final conclusion:

To be blunt, the Xperia X1 isn’t quite up to snuff with the top smartphones in the market from an overall standpoint. This is not to say the Xperia X1 is a bad phone—on the contrary, it’s a very respectable piece of hardware. It’s just not good enough to justify the cost when better, cheaper phones are available.

Gizmodo’s review

SE-NSE Reviews the XPERIA X1

SE-NSE is the latest site to put up a review of Sony Ericsson’s XPERIA X1. Here are some bits from the review:

There are currently no Sony Ericsson phones that should be compared to the X1. Nor are there any that can match the X1 in terms of features and functionality. If we were to take a comparing look at the global market of smart phones, we’d find a tiny selection of smart phones that are similar to the X1, but not a single of these is a match for the X1. More on this later in the review.

I mentioned holding the handset so let’s go back to that for a moment. There are two small annoyances that I must mention first. One is that the screen section has a slight wiggle when extended, but only when you press the screen. This isn’t a major problem and to be honest I was half expecting it, but it does detract from the premium nature of what is otherwise a very well put together piece of technology. The other is that the keys underneath the screen click a little too loudly. Now this last point is arguably one of personal taste and some may disagree with me on this particular point, but for me the click was just that little bit too much. Those minor issues aside the X1 feels like a bespoke product not a mass produced handset.

Read the whole thing.

TouchFlo 3D on the XPERIA X1

This has been discussed a lot in the forums but just in case you haven’t seen it in action, here’s a video (in YouTube HD!) by Paul O’Brien from Modaco:

Pocketnow’s XPERIA X1 Software Tour

Brandon Miniman of Pocketnow gives a thorough software walkthrough of the built-in apps in the Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1. Brandon discusses all the built-in and downloadable Panels on Part I, and shows the bundled Windows Mobile apps on the X1 on Part II. On Part II, make sure to watch around the 3:50 mark where Brandon shows why the XPERIA X1i works on the AT&T network in the US.

Part I - XPERIA Panels:

Part II - XPERIA Bundled Apps:

CNET France goes in depth with Xperia X1

Xperia X1 with Stylus, CNET France

Well, not being able to read French severely impairs me to write what this article is about. I can, however, tell you that it has plenty of pretty pics of the X1! For whoever can read French, maybe you can comment.

Read the full article.

X1 Review and Answers at tracyandmatt.co.uk


I thought I would start a new post in order to answer the many questions that you all posed about the Xperia X1. Apologies for the hold up but my C&J X1 arrived on Thursday minus the battery so I had to wait until the battery arrived yesterday before I could really start playing with the X1.

It has some old and new information. I found it quite interesting though. =P

Link to the review.

Unboxing Pictures: Sony Ericsson XPERIA X1 - Sweden


It seems like the XPERIA X1 has finally landed in Sweden. Check out the unboxing pics over at Daily Mobile and at Fosfor.

Another Swedish Review

NyTeknik thinks it’s a good phone, but as in PC-Windows, not everything is obvious. It lacks an accerelometer and TV-out, but the rest is very good!

They also recommend the Opera Mini browser. That browser gets compressed information from Opera’s servers, so the data transfer is much less.