Sony Ericsson Announces XPERIA Pureness

XPERIA PurenessWoah! Just when we thought that Sony Ericsson will be sticking to Windows Mobile for its XPERIA line of phones, here they are announcing the XPERIA Pureness. Here’s the press release that they made at London today:

Sony Ericsson shows new Xperia™ Pureness at London brand event

September 3rd 2009 - Today at a business update meeting, Sony Ericsson showed the new Xperia™ Pureness, a simple design phone which brings together beautiful craftsmanship and the concept of “talk, text, time - a holiday from technology”. The Xperia™ Pureness will be officially launched in November 2009 through selected retail distribution channels in key cities around the world.

The handset was shown to media attending an event to launch Sony Ericsson’s new brand direction where the company also confirmed its alignment under the Sony make.believe brand message.

Xperia™ Pureness approaches the mobile phone as a work of art rather than technology. The company’s designers aimed to sculpt an object of design that reflected the purity of water and a sense of calmness when not in use.

More details on Xperia™ Pureness will be available when the phone launches in November 2009.


XPERIA X2 Videos

Here are some official Sony Ericsson XPERIA X2 videos:

Sony Ericsson Announces the XPERIA X2

X2 Front with Keyboard

Sony Ericsson has just announced the XPERIA X2. Contrary to rumors that the next XPERIA will be using a different OS, the X2 will still run Windows Mobile 6.5.

Full specs after the break.

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News update

There’s been a long time ago some news were posted here, and I guess it’s time for an update - The X1 is not dead yet!

We start of with

February 12, 2009 - New Point UI Xperia panel – beta available for free now
Seems like a good panel: “I only installed it this morning but I’ve already been won over.”

February 16, 2009 - 4 new panels announced today at MWC
*On the road

February 24, 2009 - New version of Panels SDK available with open GL ES support
“The new beta includes Open GL ES support and allows you to access the internal hardware graphics acceleration on the X1.”

March 11, 2009 - Evernote panel now live
Here’s a video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i_ncr1Ee9e8&fmt=18

March 26, 2009 - SPB Traveller and Weather panels available to download now
“The new weather and traveller panels are both produced by SPB software, the same company which produced the free SPB shell.”

March 27, 2009 - Xperia Certification Program
“It is designed to set highest standard for your applications and allows you to use the “Certified for Xperia X1″ logo in your marketing materials.”

April 22, 2009 - How to use your Xperia X1 – a little guide to Windows Mobile
1. Tweaks For Optimised Performance
2. How to Speed Up Your Memory Card
3. Increasing Your Touchscreen’s Responsiveness
4. Changing the Font Size of Java Applications (JBed)
5. Making the Pop-Up Menus More Finger-Friendly

Xperia, the 2008 Reviews

The guys at Xperiancers listed what they call “all the Xperia reviews posted in 2008″.
Here is the list of reviews:































You can read the original post here.

X1 HTML Panel Creator!

Check this out!!! You can create your own panels over at mysonyericssonblog.com - online!
Click this link to go to the page and have some fun =)

Sony Ericsson Releases XPERIA X1 White Paper R5

Revision 5 of the XPERIA X1 White Paper is now out containing a lot of bad news. It seemed like no one noticed that revision 4 came out earlier this month but in any case, I’ve compared the docs line-by-line, and here’s a summary of what has changed since revision 3:

  • Front camera can take still images at QVGA
  • Slideshow Panel removed
  • Java applications support OMA DRM 1.0 forward lock and combined delivery only
  • Digital zoom specs added:
    • 3MP mode – 1.0 x fixed
    • 2MP mode – 1.0 x to 1.29 x
    • 1MP mode – 1.0 x to 2 x
    • VGA/QVGA mode – 1.0 x to 3.2 x
  • Opera Mobile 9.5 browser specs added:
    • HTML - 4.01 (with some exceptions)
    • XHTML - Basic, 1.0, 1.1 (both with some exceptions)
    • XHTML Mobile Profile 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 (with some exceptions)
    • WML 1.3, 2.0 (both with some exceptions)
    • CSS - Level 1, Level 2 (partial), Mobile Profile 1.0, Wireless (WAP) CSS 1.0, 1.1
    • XSLT 1.0, XPath 1.0, XML Namespaces, XML ID, XML Events
    • Scripting/DOM - JScript 5.6, DOM Level 0, DOM Level 1 (partial), DOM Level 2 (partial)
    • Full HTML support, JScript, Progressive download of video files
    • Direct access to Search Internet and Enter address
  • Standby Time
    • GSM: 500 hours (formerly 580 hours)
    • UMTS: 640 hours (formerly 833 hours)
  • Talk Time
    • UMTS: 6 hours (formerly 6.5 hours)
  • Wireless LAN - IEEE 802.11b/g compliant
  • Video encoding - H.264 removed
  • Added video support for .3g2 and .m4v
  • Audio Encoding - AMR-NB (formerly AAC, AAC+, EAAC+)
  • Camera Effects - Solarization added
  • Picture Quality - Economy added
  • Video clip length - up to 30 minutes (formerly TBD)

Another Panel joines the ranks

You might have seen this panel in Bengalboy pre-review post for the X1.

Well since a few moments ago you can download the Facebook panel from SE’s site through you own X1 or via the PC.

Here are some screens. And we’re the first to post them.

As you might have noticed this panel look very different then the one BengalBoy had. An upgrade maybe? First Impression was, it looks like an iPhone application. But hopefully it’s even better.

Get your panel right here or from SE

XPERIA X1a Now Available for Pre-order


Ok US folks, true to their word, Sony Stlye is now showing the XPERIA X1 (X1a) now available for pre-order. It is interesting however that only the silver model is available. It’s $799.99 with free shipping and is indicated that the in will be available “on or about 11/21/2008″ which is a week early from “Black Friday” — I guess to give leeway for shipping.

Others have also reported that J&R is also listing the XPERIA X1a (also silver only) available for pre-order. Best Buy is also now listing the XPERIA X1a - Silver for pre-order.

If you find other online stores listing the XPERIA X1a, provide a link in the comments so we can add it to the article.

Sony Ericsson Officially Announces US XPERIA X1 Launch - November 28


Sony Ericsson has finally confirmed that the US version of the XPERIA X1 (X1a) is officially coming out through Sony Electronics and authorized retailers on November 28, “Black Friday.” The phone will be sold unlocked for $799.99. Pre-orders through Sony Style will start tomorrow, November 13.

Read the full press release after the jump.

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