Sony Ericsson Announces the XPERIA X2

X2 Front with Keyboard

Sony Ericsson has just announced the XPERIA X2. Contrary to rumors that the next XPERIA will be using a different OS, the X2 will still run Windows Mobile 6.5.

Full specs after the break.

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Windows Mobile 6.1 Email hotfix

Microsoft has released a patch for people who had problems accessing SMTP servers.

The hot fix aims to “ensure that Windows Mobile 6.1 takes appropriate action when it detects a blank value for the alternate SMTP server”.

Prior to the release of patch, “when the mobile device fails on any attempt to connect to the e-mail provider’s default SMTP server, Windows Mobile 6.1 automatically loads [a blank value] for the alternate SMTP server. The e-mail account configuration details are then corrupted, which results in loss of the ability to send e-mail with that particular e-mail account”.

Get the hotfix here


HTC Touch HD Running Panels

You’ve all seen the XPERIA X1 running TouchFlo 3D. This time, checkout the HTC Touch HD runnng Panels.

Introducing the inxperia.com XPERIA Software Download Section


Ok folks, time to add a new feature to the site. As more and more members are getting their hands on the XPERIA X1, the usual question among the first time and veteran Windows Mobile users is, where to get XPERIA software or apps that are optimized to the XPERIA’s 800×480 (WVGA) screen.

The new XPERIA Software Section here at inxperia.com aims to do just that. The only way it will become useful however is for you, the members, point to apps, panels, themes, that you find interesting, useful, and can’t live without. You are free to add new apps, panels, and themes to the list as long as it somehow links back to the developer’s website or the app’s homepage so we always get the latest updates and more importantly, help support the developers. Let’s help build the XPERIA ecosystem! =D

Click on the Apps link above now to go to the Software Download section.

TouchFlo 3D on the XPERIA X1

This has been discussed a lot in the forums but just in case you haven’t seen it in action, here’s a video (in YouTube HD!) by Paul O’Brien from Modaco:

Skyfire 0.8 Open Beta Now Available

Just got word that Skyfire 0.8 is now available. Skyfire runs on Windows Mobile (5 or 6) so it should work on the XPERIA X1. The beta program however is currently for the US only. Anyone in the US with an X1?

Here’s a demo video of Skyfire in action:

If you are in the US, register to get Skyfire now.

Spb Chosen to Create UI Panel for the XPERIA X1


Sony Ericsson has chosen Spb to create an XPERIA Panel version of their popular Spb Mobile Shell app.

Spb Mobile Shell improves the user interface of standard Windows Mobile apps displaying multiple information on one customizable screen such as missed calls, unread messages, weather, calendar, date and time, and contacts. The XPERIA Panel version is expected to make use of the XPERIA X1’s 3D acceleration as well as present new opportunities for the developer community.

Here’s the best news — expect it to be a free download when it is launched.

Watch Spb Mobile Shell in action and view all the portrait and landscape sample screenshots after the jump.

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Sony Ericsson Updates XPERIA SDK to v1.0.4


Good news to developers. Sony Ericsson just announced an update to their Windows Mobile 6.1 SDK (now v1.0.4). It now adds development compatibility to Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 and to Microsoft Vista.

The Sony Ericsson Beta SDK for Windows Mobile 6.1 includes:

  • Xperia X1 Emulator
    Including key mapping support; run, test, and debug your Xperia Panels locally on your PC using the Xperia X1 Device Emulator
  • API Reference
    API reference documentation related to the specifics of developing Xperia Panels
  • Microsoft Visual Studio Templates
    Use predefined Xperia Native and Web (HTML) Panel templates to create the basic project containers and a preliminary set of items for your Xperia Panels
  • Tutorials
    Tutorials give you a “hands-on” introduction to the SDK and the tools you use to build applications on it
  • Developers’ Guidelines
    The Getting Started documentation includes overviews, system requirements, set-up information, and walkthroughs that help you learn about the Sony Ericsson Beta SDK for Windows Mobile 6.1
  • Sample Code
    The Sony Ericsson Beta SDK for Windows Mobile 6.1 ships with several sample projects to help you start your own development projects

Download the SDK now.

[Thanks boomdijk!]

X1 Speed Improvements, XPERIA Line could Run Other OSes


I wasn’t lucky enough to get invited to Mobius this year but my good friend Judie of Gear Diary is at Seattle and has just put up her Mobius Day 1 report. Yup, they have been treated with a demo of the XPERIA X1. Check out what she has to say:

He gave us demos of the interface and most of the issues we had seen with lagging screens (mainly from Mobile World Congress reports) seem to have been resolved. They said it at the time, that this was not a finished device and that it was a work in progress, so it is great to see that progress is indeed being made.We tried to pin him down on a date for the release, but second half of the year was as specific as he would get. We did find out that the name XPERIA does not specifically mean Windows Mobile devices, it could be other mobile OSes; but all Windows Mobile Sony Ericsson products will be XPERIAs.

iPhone-ifying Windows Mobile

Geek.com just released an article on ideas on how to iPhone-ify a Windows Mobile device. I do think that the three apps mentioned, Vito Technology’s Communication Suite ($39.95), PointUI (free), and SPB Mobile Shell ($29.95), will be great add-ons to the XPERIA X1 (if they support the X1 screen resolution).

Below are some app screenshots from the article:

Vito Technology’s Communication Suite



SPB Mobile Shell

What other apps do you all think will enhance the XPERIA experience?

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