XPERIA X1 Car Mounts Now Avaialable at ProClip


ProClip now gives you several options to mount your XPERIA X1 on your car. Choose from mounts that are fixed or that swivels, powered or not. The way it works is you choose your XPERIA X1 clip and then choose the correct mount for the model of car your drive.

The clips range from about $35 to $100 (car mount not included yet).

See all the XPERIA X1 clips.

Sony Ericsson Releases XPERIA X1 White Paper R5

Revision 5 of the XPERIA X1 White Paper is now out containing a lot of bad news. It seemed like no one noticed that revision 4 came out earlier this month but in any case, I’ve compared the docs line-by-line, and here’s a summary of what has changed since revision 3:

  • Front camera can take still images at QVGA
  • Slideshow Panel removed
  • Java applications support OMA DRM 1.0 forward lock and combined delivery only
  • Digital zoom specs added:
    • 3MP mode – 1.0 x fixed
    • 2MP mode – 1.0 x to 1.29 x
    • 1MP mode – 1.0 x to 2 x
    • VGA/QVGA mode – 1.0 x to 3.2 x
  • Opera Mobile 9.5 browser specs added:
    • HTML - 4.01 (with some exceptions)
    • XHTML - Basic, 1.0, 1.1 (both with some exceptions)
    • XHTML Mobile Profile 1.0, 1.1, 1.2 (with some exceptions)
    • WML 1.3, 2.0 (both with some exceptions)
    • CSS - Level 1, Level 2 (partial), Mobile Profile 1.0, Wireless (WAP) CSS 1.0, 1.1
    • XSLT 1.0, XPath 1.0, XML Namespaces, XML ID, XML Events
    • Scripting/DOM - JScript 5.6, DOM Level 0, DOM Level 1 (partial), DOM Level 2 (partial)
    • Full HTML support, JScript, Progressive download of video files
    • Direct access to Search Internet and Enter address
  • Standby Time
    • GSM: 500 hours (formerly 580 hours)
    • UMTS: 640 hours (formerly 833 hours)
  • Talk Time
    • UMTS: 6 hours (formerly 6.5 hours)
  • Wireless LAN - IEEE 802.11b/g compliant
  • Video encoding - H.264 removed
  • Added video support for .3g2 and .m4v
  • Audio Encoding - AMR-NB (formerly AAC, AAC+, EAAC+)
  • Camera Effects - Solarization added
  • Picture Quality - Economy added
  • Video clip length - up to 30 minutes (formerly TBD)

Another Panel joines the ranks

You might have seen this panel in Bengalboy pre-review post for the X1.

Well since a few moments ago you can download the Facebook panel from SE’s site through you own X1 or via the PC.

Here are some screens. And we’re the first to post them.

As you might have noticed this panel look very different then the one BengalBoy had. An upgrade maybe? First Impression was, it looks like an iPhone application. But hopefully it’s even better.

Get your panel right here or from SE

Spb GPRS Monitor gets pimped

If your looking for Spb GPRS Monitor you might noticed it’s not the SPB website anymore. Spb Software has decided to release it under a new name with some added features and a TouchFlo look.

SPB Wireless Monitor supports both touch and non-touch screen devices, it can manage CDMA, GPRS, 3G, and even Wi-Fi and USB connections. Spb Wireless Monitor can provide per application traffic and cost reports, allowing users to single out guilty applications, responsible for high data charges. The new version has a modern, multilingual user interface and can manage several connections simultaneously.

What’s New in Spb Wireless Monitor 3.0?

  • Per Application Traffic and Cost Reports
  • Detailed traffic per application or time-based reports can be viewed on screen or exported as CSV files
  • More Connections Supported
  • CDMA, GPRS, 3G, and even Wi-Fi and USB connections supported * Peak and Off-peak Tariffs Support. Some data plans offer different tariffs for peak and off-peak hours, Spb Wireless Monitor 3.0 accounts for that.
  • Excessive Data Use Alarms
  • Set as many excessive data use warnings as you want, to avoid unwanted data charges
  • Modern Multilingual User Interface
  • One-handed navigation, adaptive skins, for touch and non-touch screen devices

Windows Mobile 6.1 Email hotfix

Microsoft has released a patch for people who had problems accessing SMTP servers.

The hot fix aims to “ensure that Windows Mobile 6.1 takes appropriate action when it detects a blank value for the alternate SMTP server”.

Prior to the release of patch, “when the mobile device fails on any attempt to connect to the e-mail provider’s default SMTP server, Windows Mobile 6.1 automatically loads [a blank value] for the alternate SMTP server. The e-mail account configuration details are then corrupted, which results in loss of the ability to send e-mail with that particular e-mail account”.

Get the hotfix here


The reviews keep coming…. but are they good?

Gizmodo is one of the latest sites to try the X1 out.

Here is a bit of their final conclusion:

To be blunt, the Xperia X1 isn’t quite up to snuff with the top smartphones in the market from an overall standpoint. This is not to say the Xperia X1 is a bad phone—on the contrary, it’s a very respectable piece of hardware. It’s just not good enough to justify the cost when better, cheaper phones are available.

Gizmodo’s review

Windows Live Panel Now Available

Brandon Miniman at pocketnow.com has been checking the panels page at SE’s website every day since their review on the X1.

Now many of you have probably been busy playing with your X1 or avoided any news related to it until they got their own to noticed the ‘release’ of the latest panel. Let us introduce to you, the Windows Live panel

(I personally don’t have my X1 yet so I have not been able to try it out. Let us know what you think of it)

Download the Windows Live Panel from our Apps Section.

SE-NSE Reviews the XPERIA X1

SE-NSE is the latest site to put up a review of Sony Ericsson’s XPERIA X1. Here are some bits from the review:

There are currently no Sony Ericsson phones that should be compared to the X1. Nor are there any that can match the X1 in terms of features and functionality. If we were to take a comparing look at the global market of smart phones, we’d find a tiny selection of smart phones that are similar to the X1, but not a single of these is a match for the X1. More on this later in the review.

I mentioned holding the handset so let’s go back to that for a moment. There are two small annoyances that I must mention first. One is that the screen section has a slight wiggle when extended, but only when you press the screen. This isn’t a major problem and to be honest I was half expecting it, but it does detract from the premium nature of what is otherwise a very well put together piece of technology. The other is that the keys underneath the screen click a little too loudly. Now this last point is arguably one of personal taste and some may disagree with me on this particular point, but for me the click was just that little bit too much. Those minor issues aside the X1 feels like a bespoke product not a mass produced handset.

Read the whole thing.

HTC Touch HD Running Panels

You’ve all seen the XPERIA X1 running TouchFlo 3D. This time, checkout the HTC Touch HD runnng Panels.

XPERIA X1a Now Available for Pre-order


Ok US folks, true to their word, Sony Stlye is now showing the XPERIA X1 (X1a) now available for pre-order. It is interesting however that only the silver model is available. It’s $799.99 with free shipping and is indicated that the in will be available “on or about 11/21/2008″ which is a week early from “Black Friday” — I guess to give leeway for shipping.

Others have also reported that J&R is also listing the XPERIA X1a (also silver only) available for pre-order. Best Buy is also now listing the XPERIA X1a - Silver for pre-order.

If you find other online stores listing the XPERIA X1a, provide a link in the comments so we can add it to the article.